Lazymux – Install Kali Linux hacking tools into android/termux


lazymux is a tool, which consists of some Kali Linux tools and it is very easy to install and use on Android using Termux App.

Friends Lazymux tool is only for Termux Users.
simply clone this Tool on Your Termux and Run after the Run This Tool there is some Kali Linux Tools are available .lazymux
is the best tool for termux to install the kali linux tools on Android and use for Penetration testing and cyber security,and remember friends these all Knowledge and videos are only for Educational purpose only Don’t miss use these Tutorials use this tutorials for find the vulnerabilities and fix it.

Installation :

Follow These Steps:

1) Download Termux from Play Store and open and update using this command:

apt update

2) Now install Python2 and Git packages By using These Commands :

pkg install Python2

pkg install git

3) After the installation of above packages Now install lazymux on Android (Termux)By using this command :

git clone
4) Now follow these steps step By step:

cd Lazymux

chmod +x *


5) Now Run the lazymux tool by typing this command :


6) Now select Any number which you want to install in Termux


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