How to install Routersploit tool in Termux/Android for python3 (all error fixed)


This is fix for python2 version of routersploit into python3 environment in termux.

RouterSploit is a open source project and it is a framework of exploits.which scan the routers devices and check the vulnerabilities of Routers/Devices and exploits by the using frameworks which available in RouterSploit Framework.
RouterSploit Framework are updated everyday, and the project is under heavy Development and every day new new modules are shipped.
The RouterSploit Framework consists of many more powerful modules for penetration testing operations, in this RouterSploit some Tools are available for scanning and exploit,
Exploits – the module Exploit take the advantages of indefinite vulnerabilities and exploit using the vulnerabilities which available in the Routers.
creds & scanners – the creds module design to test the vulnerabilities aginest
network like wlan0, and the scanners modules scan the vulnerabilities of target Router/Device and check that vulnerable to any exploit which presents in Exploit module.
Now i am gonna show you how to install RouterSploit Framework on Android Devices Using Termux App :

You can simply click follow my commands, RouterSploit installation in Android using Termux App..
Follow These Steps :
=>open play Store and Search Termux and download and open Termux.
=>open Termux and Update and upgrade Termux Using this command

Type all commands one by one

1. pkg install python

2. pkg upgrade && pkg install autoconf automake bison bzip2 clang cmake \ coreutils diffutils flex gawk git grep gzip libtool make patch perl \ sed silversearcher-ag tar wget pkg-config

3. pkg install perl

4. pkg install python-dev clang libcrypt-dev libffi-dev git openssl-dev && export CONFIG_SHELL=$PREFIX/bin/sh

5. git clone

6. cd routersploit

(Install pip for python3 using

wget && python3 )

7. pip install requests

8. pip install -r requirements.txt

9. pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

10. termux-fix-shebang

11. python

Thats all ..

If You are facing problem of

1) ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘future’

Then type

python -m pip install future

If you get any error comment below.


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