How to install Metasploit Framework in Android (Termux) Without Root(Hack Any Phone – Part 1)


Hello ,

Readers in these , post I’ll show you how to install framework in android .

Which can be used to hack devices like android / windows . RAT system


1). Android 5.0 + (unfortunately older version are not supported)
2). TermuX (Download it from Google Play or Play Store)
3). About 1GB of internal storage (For proper installation of Metasploit)

(Internet Connection 3G/4G/Wifi recommended)

Step 1

1) Install Termux and Termux API from playstore

2)Open Termux and wait for installation

3) Type the following commands :-

apt update && apt upgrade press enter and wait

If ask type Y for confirmation

apt install curl press enter and wait

After that copy following command and paste

curl -LO

4) Give permission to the file

Type chmod +x

5) execute by typing either ./ or bash

now wait , all process will be done automatically , it will take around 30-40 minutes depending upon your internet and 700-800 mb of data

Feel free to ask if anything goes wrong



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