How to install John The Ripper in Termux – Password Cracking tool


TR(John the Ripper) is a free passwords cracking Tool/Software and it is a free passwords cracking Tool. it is mainly Design for UNIX Operating Systems.Now
we can Run John The Ripper Tool on different platforms also
eg: Windows,Linux,Termux(Android) etc…,

John the Ripper Tool is a one of the most popular and powerful password
testing and breaking programs, and it cracks the passwords which encrypted.

JTR cracks the passwords, Jtr cracks the passwords into one of packages, autodetects passwords hashes types and it can be run agenest encrpted passwords and JTR Decrypt the passwords,

John The Ripper Install In Termux (Android) :

JTR install on Termux No Root Required it works Both platforms Rooted, And Nonrooted Devices .

Follow These Steps:

1) open Play Store and Download termux and open

2) Open Termux and update termux using this command apt update

3) Now install wget package Using This command

pkg install wget

4) Now install JTR Toll using this command :


5) Now Install These packages step by step :

apt install./JtR-jambo_1.8.0_aarch64.deb

john –list=build-info

john –test

6) After installing these packages go to JTR directory using this command:

cd JtR

cd tools


7) Now see the all Packages of JTR (john the Ripper) are available here.


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