Whatsapp Web || How to Use Whatsapp Web Scan-Hack without PC


Ever wondered your WhatsApp can be hacked easily, and here hacking means One can read your WhatsApp messages and even send along with Media without your notice. But do not worry we are here to share the WhatsApp Hack Trick after which one can secure their WhatsApp, at the same time have fun with the WhatsApp account of others too 😉 (May Be Girlfriends’ 😛 )

Note : This Procedure to Hack WhatsApp account is just for educational purpose, in order to make yourself concrete to such hacks in future. Please do not misuse the same!

The Trick to Spy on WhatsApp using WhatsApp web is so easy that you do not require any coding skills or other paid software (that do not work 😛 ). All you need to do is to be fast enough in making things happen so that you can then easily overtake over WhatsApp of the victim whose WhatsApp you want to hack.

Requirements To Spy On WhatsApp Account:

  • Victims Smartphone running WhatsApp
  • Connectivity to Internet (As you will have the real-time access to the Victims WhatsApp Account)
  • Another Smartphone or Laptop or PC with Internet Connectivity

Working Of WhatsApp Hacking:

This feature of WhatsApp – WhatsApp Web allows users to have access to their WhatsApp account on any browser that is capable of Loading WhatsApp Web Website via Desktop view. This WhatsApp Spy feature is on the trick to get the QR Code of Victims WhatsApp and thereby scan it on your Browser after which you can have the real-time access to Victims WhatsApp without any problem.


  • Enable Unknown Sources from setting>security>enable unknown sources
  • Download and install Whatsapp Web Apk click here to download

  • Now open Whatsapp web APK
  • Click on Whats Web
  • Now open whatsapp in your friends/GF/BF(victim) mobile and click on Whatsapp Web
  • A camera will open. And now scan your phones QR code to victim’s Whatsapp Web
  • Now you have successfully , hacked !!
  • Its not hacking but its a way of accessing whatsapp in Pc or another mobile.


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