Friday, August 14, 2020


Lazymux – Install Kali Linux hacking tools into android/termux

lazymux is a tool, which consists of some Kali Linux tools and it is very easy to install and use on Android using Termux App. Friends Lazymux tool is only for Termux...

Download and Install ADB and Fastboot tools in Termux

Download and Install Termux ADB and Fastboot tools using one click link without any problem

PhoneSploit -Exploiting Android phone using ADB open Port – Without Sending Payload from Termux

Hack Android Phone Using adb open port using PhoneSploit tool on Android/Linux/Windows. See Sdcard ,Install Apk Etc

How to install John The Ripper in Termux – Password Cracking tool

TR(John the Ripper) is a free passwords cracking Tool/Software and it is a free passwords cracking Tool. it is mainly Design for UNIX Operating Systems.Now we can Run John The Ripper...

ZARP- a local network exploit tool -Termux

Introduction Zarp is a network attack tool centered around the exploitation of local networks. This does not include system exploitation, but rather abusing networking protocols and stacks to take over, infiltrate, and...

How to Find Missing or Stolen Phone (Lost Phone-Best Method)

find your missing or stolen device using its IMEI number